Video Premiere: Watch The Throne, 'Paris'

In case you were one of the unfortunate folks who didn't grab a ticket to your nearest Watch The Throne tour before they sold out, Jay-Z and Kanye West's latest video "Paris" will put you right in the heart of the action you missed. Shot at the Los Angeles stop on their tour, go inside the somewhat eerie, pulsing arena as 'Ye and Jay get straight-up CRAY in that muth. And by "CRAY," we mean, "Seriously be careful if you're epileptic." This is level 10 on the "How many flashing lights can we safely embed into one video?" scale.

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Much of "Paris" is shot using a mirrored effect (double the Jay-Zs and Kanyes!) making the already dizzying laser show that much more intense. The studio version of the song is replaced with live vocals as clips of dancing models are conveniently spliced into footage of the crowd from the actual live show. (At least I think they're models -- I didn't see any girls like that when I went throne watching.) As Kanye raps the breakdown toward the end of the song, a computer animated panther enters the venue, flanked by what look to be seated Roman warriors. (Because no one in history went more "gorillas" than the Romans, right?)

"Paris" is a continuation of the story we've been following since Watch The Throne dropped in August of last year -- it's opulence at it's finest and most conspicuous, but it comes with a conscious and a price. (In this case, maybe seizures.)

+ Watch Watch The Throne's video "Paris."