The Buzz On: Rob A!

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It's not every day that we get to do a "Buzz On" an artist who's already been nominated for a FREAKING GRAMMY, but welcome to that day, everyone. Though you might not know him by name (yet), New Jersey born singer/songwriter/producer Robert Allen, known to his fans as Rob A!, has been tearing up your airwaves since around 2008 -- that was the year Chris Brown's "Forever" went No. 1 and the year Rihanna's "Disturbia" went No. 1. It was also the year that Rob A! happened to cowrite BOTH of those songs. (No biggie or anything.) And we're not stopping there -- Rob A!'s also written records for Kelly Rowland, Usher, Omarion and Jessie J. Pretty sure he's the living definition of "killin' it" right now.

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But what about Rob A!, the artist? As luck would have it, Rob's got a serious set of his own pipes, which makes him a full-on triple threat. As heard on his current single "Dangerous," Rob is a mix of Chris Brown, Usher and The-Dream but with his own pop-infused flavor: "'Cause you want me to be your jagged little pill/It excites me that I'm the one that makes you feel/Like I'm the last man on earth/And you can be my last girl.../The idea is so dangerous.../So dangerous, in love."

If all of this isn't enough to land Rob A! among your new faves in 2012, then take a listen to some of his other tunes -- specifically "Wifey Material," a song where Rob basically claims his title as the world's most successful panty-dropper. A word to the wise guys: Watch your women! This dude is suave and successful.

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