Video Premiere: Sleeper Agent, 'Get Burned'

Kentucky rockers Sleeper Agent

Sleeper Agent knows how to party. The Kentucky band gets wild in "Get Burned," a high-energy track that snaps, crackles and pops with the choppy guitars The Strokes brought back a decade ago. And which haven't aged a day since, JUST LIKE US. (#youngforever #hova) Unlike Casablancas and Co., Sleeper Agent share lead singers, with mic time split between Alex Kandel (the one with the bangs) and Tony Smith (the one with the boy-bangs). It's way more rock and roll than the Adele covers Kandel allegedly uses to sing at pre-Sleeper Agent open mics, though if the band covered "Rolling In The Deep," we wouldn't be mad at it!

+ Watch Sleeper Agent's "Get Burned" video after the jump.

The teenage frontwoman seems more Zooey D. than Adele to us -- must be the hair -- and the video gets suitably quirky halfway in when she starts laughing in slow motion. Oh, and when a bunch of dudes/ladies in rabbit suits invade the set like a "Donnie Darko" explosion. The band's festive teatime turns spooky after that, and the video ends with everything up in flames. We'd make a Room On Fire joke, but the bunnies conveniently brought everything outside. We'll get you next time, Sleeper Agent!

The band's Celebrasion dropped last fall on Mom + Pop. Don’t sleep on it. (We had to.)

+ Watch Sleeper Agent's "Get Burned" video.