Star Spotting: Selena Gomez Is Sick, Doesn't Look Like It At All

Selena Gomez is sick, guys.

I have a bone to pick with the karma police or whoever else is in charge of these kinds of things. I pay my taxes, I don't litter and I've never lit anything on fire -- well, at least not to the point where it would be called "arson." So what do I have to do to get myself looking like Selena Gomez when I'm sick? Homegirl posted this photo to Instagram last night saying, "So sick today :(" and we immediately felt sad-faced right there with her. But then we were like, "Hey! Is that lip gloss? Lip gloss and snotting up gross stuff do NOT go together."

But she's Selena Gomez, y'all. The show must go on. We all think that being famous has got to be like, the coolest thing ever, but those people don't get sick days. Selena's currently on tour in South America, and even though she's feeling under the weather, fans paid for tickets! She must perform! That's rough for anybody.

A speedy recovery to you, Selena. Those Emergen-C packets taste like garbage water, but they work. Rest up, and I hope your NyQuil dreams aren't as bizarre as mine -- ever made out with George Costanza? Consider yourself one of the lucky ones.

Photo credit: @selenagomez