Star Spotting: Miley Cyrus Cuddles With A Puppy, Hoards The World's Cutest Things

Miley Cyrus cuddles with a puppy.

After spending hours puppy watching during the Puppy Bowl this past weekend, we can officially say that Miley Cyrus' little pooch is one of the sweetest four-legged critters we've ever seen. Also confirmed: Miley's pup makes our coveted (and imaginary) "Cutest Celebs With The Cutest Dogs" list, along with Selena Gomez's pooch! (Making these types of exhausting decisions is why our job is so difficult, guys.)

"The Climb" singer's Twitter has been running rampant with fun pics lately: She just posted a HILAR awkward family photo, and recently Milers posted this pic of herself snuggling with the pup along with the caption, "I'm in love with this girl :)" Awww! Miley's going to be the best mom (SOME DAY IN THE VERY DISTANT FUTURE).

Between this new pup and her equally so-charming-it-hurts BF, Liam Hemsworth, it seems like Miley's hoarding all the world's cuteness for herself. Yo, Miley save some for us!

Photo credit: @MileyCyrus