Someone Made A HILARIOUS Lana Del Rey 'Hunger Games' Video!

Oh dear. Comedian and improv performer Holly Laurent, of the famed Chicago comedy training camp Second City, (it's like the Capital Training Center but for LOLs) went and made a Lana Del Rey x "The Hunger Games" parody/mashup video. And it's every bit as good as I realized it would be once I watched it and realized it desperately needed to be made. (Also, it's so much zeitgeist contained in just one thing that I think there was a blip in the pop culture continuum and that somehow just caused Willow Smith's hair to instantly grow back.)

From the Super 8-ish retro-fetishistic vintage B roll to the perfectly timed shot of Peeta looking pensively out the train window and Katniss volunteering as tribute (that's so not a spoiler -- it's like on page two), to Laurent's hilariously half-assed attempt at Lana Del Rey's hair (which somehow became a Snooki poof), it's all even better than a hot bowl of lamb stew.

Standout lines: "Panem is a place that's fake but true" and "Winning's all I think of."

+ Watch "Lana Del Rey's 'Hunger Games" video (some NSFW language), and remember -- the pocket watch IS MORE THAN JUST A POCKET WATCH!

Photo credit: "The Hunger Games": Murray Close/ Lionsgate Entertainment, Lana Del Rey: Nicole Nodland