Lana Del Rey Talks Twitter And Kanye West (VIDEO)

I was under the impression that Lana Del Rey lived in some fantasy nostalgia land where she drove around with James Dean in an old Chevy, and she put on pink lip gloss in the rear view mirror while the sun was continually setting behind them. But she's actually like, a modern woman who tweets and stuff.

When she was on hand for our Buzzworthy Q&A, we asked Lana what it was like to get an OFFICIAL KANYE WEST TWEET, which we all know is a very coveted thing around these parts. Granted, he only said "Lana..." with a link to her "Born To Die" video, but still, more than I've ever been tweeted. (Although, the Ying Yang Twins do follow me so... I win?)

Lana reacted to her Kanye tweet the way she seems to react to most things: with icy sophistication. "Very cool to be tweeted by Kanye... I think he tweeted because he-- I know he's really interested in architecture and I think he really liked the inside of the Foutainebleau in Paris [featured in Del Rey's 'Born To Die' video]." Yeah, probs has nothing to do with those makeout scenes or that bangin' red lipstick, right? Right.

+ Watch Lana Del Rey discuss receiving the much sought-after Kanye West tweet.