PHOTOS: Celebrity Skrillex Makeovers!

For those of you who have somehow sidestepped the whole "Skrillex taking over the world" thing, allow us to fill you in. Skrillex is basically to EDM what Kanye and Jay-Z are to hip-hop right now -- HE RULES ALL. And there are many reasons why this is noteworthy. First of all, he's mega-talented. MTV named him the EDM Artist of the Year in 2011, and he's just recently been nominated for five Grammys.

But more important, he started an entire movement (besides EDM): Skrillex hair. The dude basically just has a half-shaved head, but people are OBSESSED. The band Electric Valentine went viral with their song "Girl, You Got Skrillex Hair," there's an entire Tumblr dedicated to "Girls That Look Like Skrillex" and Ke$ha recently took a buzzer to her head, copping the style for herself.

So we thought to ourselves: Skrillex hair for everyone! And with the help of Photoshop, we pasted Skrillex's famous locks on the likes of Beyoncé, Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift, to name a few. Take a look at some of our favorite celebrity Skrillex makeovers below, and check out BUZZWORTHY'S CELEBRITY SKRILLEX MAKEOVERS PHOTO GALLERY for more LOLs.

Sweet, sweet Taylor Swift and your beautiful blonde ringlets. ALL GONE. Get this girl some Skrillex hair (and a giant earplug), and see what kinds of songs she's writing next. Singer-songwriter-dubstep swag.

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Holy crap, Justin Bieber. Please, for the sake of everything holy, never get Skrillex hair and attempt to carry girlfriend Selena Gomez's train down a red carpet. Or just never get Skrillex hair ever. Period.


Credit all photos: Getty Images/MTV