Jay-Z And Liza Minnelli Met IRL And Someone Took A Picture Of It (PHOTO)

Liza Minnelli poses with Jay-Z at his benefit concert at NYC's Carnegie Hall

Here's something to cross off your bucket list: See a WTF photo of hip-hop star Jay-Z and LEGENDARY ICON Liza Minnelli standing next to one another, touching and smiling. Yes, this actually happened on Earth last night -- more specifically, it happened at Jay-Z's Carnegie Hall concert benefiting the United Way of New York City and the Shawn Carter Scholarship Foundation, the one event we didn't get invited to. (Maybe it was a mail-merge problem? We'll trust that it wasn't human error.)

Listen, guys, no matter how many times you spill coffee on your new white button-down or get called a "broke-ass Courtney Love" by a homeless person, sometimes you just need to stop, smell the roses and realize that a lot of really cool things can happen in life. Just like this magical day when "Arrested Development"'s very own Lucille 2 posed with the original H-to-the-Izzo, maybe you'll find yourself in an equally bizarre/insanely cool scenario one day. Go U.S.A.!

Photo credit: Kevin Mazur/WireImage