New Song: Mindless Behavior, 'Valentine's Girl'

Listen to Mindless Behavior's new song 'Valentine's Girl.'

If Mindless Behavior is gunning for the title of "musicians with the most attempts at wooing girls with songs about holidays," bros are winning. They've already celebrated their secret Santas with the romantic "Christmas With My Girl," and now the guys are offer their sweethearts a candy heart-inspired tune just in time for V-Day with their latest, "Valentine's Girl."

+ Listen to Mindless Behavior's "Valentine's Girl" after the jump.

The downtempo R&B beat offers Mindless Behavior the perfect opportunity to charm potential lady friends with their romantic lyrics -- and it sounds like they really want to spoil their boos. They promise a holiday filled with plenty of sweets, love letters and flowers. But the group's having trouble getting their potential Valentine's attention: "She doesn't even notice me/But I know deep down in my heart/This is where she's supposed to be." While the song's about hoping the girl of their dreams falls in love with them, we have a feeling the boys have no problems playing Cupid in real life. (See: any Mindless Behavior live performance. Girls go CRAY.)

Mindless Behavior's "Valentine's Girl" is out now, but no word on which holiday the boys will be covering next -- we're secretly hoping it's Easter. Peeps are da bomb.

+ Listen to Mindless Behavior's "Valentine's Girl."