New Song: Monica And Brandy, 'It All Belongs To Me'

Brandy and Monica together in the studio for "It All Belongs To Me".

I can't even begin to describe the wave of emotion that's coming over me right now. Finally, one of the world's most painful girl-on-girl beefs is getting a resolution! Fourteen years after releasing "The Boy Is Mine" (!!!), Brandy and Monica have settled the score and joined together to release "It All Belongs To Me." Produced by Rico Love, "It All Belongs To Me" is a classic midtempo R&B jam that finally places these two gals on the same side of the fence. Instead of bickering over some idiot DB who two-timed them in '90s, Brandy and Monica have grown into adult women who are both grossed out by their current beaus' effed up behavior.

+ Listen to Monica and Brandy's "It All Belongs To Me" after the jump.

Brandy's rich bass vocals open up the verse as she proclaims: "No, no, no, sugar/You must be blind/You must be dumb/You must be tripping/You must be crazy/To think I'm gonna let you off that easy." She's definitely more mature, but she's still a bad-ass. The really serious ish goes down when Brandy and Monica join forces on the chorus and basically start listing everything they own (that DOES NOT belong to some dude): "But put that back/That ain't yours/Have a fit/Slam the door/But leave them bags/On the floor/That s--- belongs to me/Those clothes, cars, those rings/And that MacBook.../Log off your Facebook, it all belongs to me." You tell 'em, ladies! (But no seriously, MacBooks are mad expensive so don't let some bro take off with it!)

"It All Belongs To Me" will appear on Monica's new album, slated for release in March.

+ Listen to Monica and Brandy, "It All Belongs To Me."

Photo credit: @monicabrown