Video Premiere: Morning Parade, 'Us And Ourselves'

U.K. newcomers Morning Parade

"Try your best to feel something," Steve Sparrow sings on "Us And Ourselves," which shouldn't be too hard while you're listening to his band’s epic new anthem. British group Morning Parade’s latest single recalls guitar-driven shout-alongs from both sides of the Atlantic, nodding toward Doves as well as the more raucous energy of Kings Of Leon. Sparrow sings with a raw edge that separates him from both bands, while the group's diverse sound -- past single "Under the Stars" has a Calvin Harris-level dance breakdown! -– should win them plenty of international ears.

+ Watch Morning Parade's "Us And Ourselves" video after the jump.

The “Us and Ourselves” video is as intense as the music, full of sci-fi special effects that could pass for scenes from J.J. Abrams' "Star Trek" sequel. As the band plays in another shot, a motley crew of villagers wanders down a country road to follow a mysterious light, which sucks up a car, sets a cabin on fire and blasts our newfound friends into space. They wind up chilling with the constellations, which is probably better than spontaneously combusting. We’re bummed that Spock couldn't make it out for a visit this time around, but we're sure we’ll be seeing more from Morning Parade soon -- the band's debut album lands June 19.

+ Watch Morning Parade's "Us and Ourselves" video.