New Video: Sinead O'Connor, 'The Wolf Is Getting Married'

Don't let the title fool you -- there are no wolves or weddings or wolf-weddings in the video for "The Wolf Is Getting Married," the first single from Sinead O'Connor's upcoming album. Instead of fur and fangs, we get a creepy-beautiful scene that feels more like a performance art piece than a pop video.

+ Watch Sinead O'Connor's "The Wolf Is Getting Married" video after the jump.

Directed by London-based multimedia outfit Breton and shot entirely in one room, "The Wolf Is Getting Married" shows a woman sitting in a chair while wrapped head-to-toe in white lace that connects to a spiderweb-esque network of threads stretching from wall to wall. Halfway through the video, as Sinead's lyrics become more sweetly hopeful, the threads begin to pull at the lace and lift the fabric away so that the woman's eyes are slowly unmasked. The effect is both lovely and weirdly reminiscent of peeling dried glue off your palms (which, BTW, is still an awesome way to get your kicks, even if you graduated from kindergarten many, many years ago).

Due out Feb. 21, Sinead's ninth studio album is titled How About I Be Me (And You Be You)?, which may or may not be a skewed take on dialogue from "Jersey Shore."

+ Watch Sinead O'Connor, "The Wolf Is Getting Married."

Photo credit: Kevin Abosch