Video Premiere: The Black Keys, 'Gold On The Ceiling'

Watch The Black Keys' latest video, 'Gold On The Ceiling.'

Not all bands need to fill their music videos with mermaids or dragons or dragon mermaids to make them entertaining. (Wait, can someone please make a video about dragon mermaids?) The Black Keys are one of those bands. Arguably the coolest band in rock and roll right now, the duo of Patrick Carney and Dan Auerbach ditched the dog and pony show for their latest video, "Gold On The Ceiling." It simply features The Black Keys doing what they do best: rocking the f*** out.

"Gold On The Ceiling" was filmed at NYC's famed Webster Hall during the Keys' El Camino album release show. (The event was beyond sold out, but MTV Hive was there as part of their "Live In NYC" series to watch the whole thing go down.) In the video, we see pumped-up fans in line for the show, Dan and Patrick laying down the track in the studio, and what looks like the infamous Dodge Caravan that's featured on the cover of El Camino (WHAT UP, wood paneling). "They wanna get my gold on the ceiling," Auerbach sings, "I ain't blind/It's just a matter of time/Before you steal it/It's alright." We knew these guys were laid-back, but they don't even care if you take their stuff. The Black Keys simply don't have an eff to give.

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