Black Keys Discuss Their Business Class Upgrade + Watch Their New Video & 'MTV First' Interview

Even if you're the biggest rock band in America, you still have to fly coach sometimes. Actually, according to The Black Keys, you still have to fly coach most times. Wait, isn't the main draw to being in a band a lifetime supply of skeleton keys to every exclusive luxury on the planet. Guess not? See you at security, bros.

The "Lonely Boy" band is currently preparing to drop their latest video, "Gold On The Ceiling," off their El Camino album tonight on MTV at 7:56 p.m. ET, followed by a 30-minute "MTV First: The Black Keys" interview on But we have some exclusive scoop from The Black Keys right now --  the guys shared one of the most surreal things that's happened to them in the past year: a business class flight to Europe. Cheers to an upgrade, fellas.

Watch The Black Keys discuss flying business class and playing Coachella after the jump, watch the premiere of The Black Keys' "Gold On The Ceiling" video, and watch an "MTV First" exclusive interview with the band below.

We also found out what The Black Keys are going to do during their downtime while they're not performing at Coachella this year: uhh, not really anything. "I went to a festival one time," drummer Patrick Carney said, "And, uh, I'm glad I went but festivals... just... in the summer especially, just aren't very comfortable." What we think he meant was, "Thanks for sweating through our numerous summer festival performances over the years, fans!"

+ Watch The Black Keys talk business class and Coachella below, and watch the premiere of The Black Keys' "Gold On The Ceiling" video, and watch "MTV First: The Black Keys."