Star Spotting: Katy Perry Was REALLY Excited About The Super Bowl, You Guys

Katy Perry at Super Bowl XLVI.

If Katy Perry wasn't young and attractive (and mega famous), she'd just be that creepy friend who gets REALLY excited about theme parties to the point where she makes everyone else uncomfortable. The "Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)" singer was on hand for the Super Bowl pregame festivities in Indianapolis yesterday, and she basically looked like a high school football player's mom. Except, you know, hot and with blue hair.

Even though it's kind of hard to tell which team Katy was rooting for from her all-American everything Super Bowl outfit, she took to Twitter to declare this very important piece of information: "Okay fine.... I ? GIANTS!" But let's be honest -- is it just us or does Katy totally seem like the "I'm just here for the hot wings and Madonna's halftime show" type of football fan? (Aka the best type of football fan.) Us too, Katy! And yes, we'd for sure go halvsies on some bean dip with you!

Credit: Getty Images