Song Premiere: Anarbor, 'Whiskey In Hell'

Anarbor's "Whiskey in Hell" is the latest in a long line of bad-boy anthems, a cousin to jams ranging from Buckcherry's "Lit Up" to, uh, every Van Halen song. The new track definitely finds the Arizona band running with the devil: smoking a pack a day, rolling extra medicinal items ("cuz one just ain't enough") and getting drunk enough to make Snooki blush. "I hope there's some whiskey in hell," the chorus goes, "'Cuz I'm already on my way." We'd be rooting for frozen yogurt, but do your thing, fellas. As long as you take a designated driver -- safety first.

The track's explosive percussion and muscular riffs sound straight from the gym, making for a heavier sound than the catchy rockers are known for -- think more Queens Of The Stone Age, less Warped Tour. That's not to say it won't get you singing along while you fill up your glass (with gingerade kombucha, of course. Your body is a temple!). We'll see if the new direction sticks: "Whiskey in Hell" is the first new song from Anarbor since last year's "The Mixtape," and according to the band's mysterious Twitter page, it's from their "New album, maybe? :)" Details, dudes! We need details! Also, more cowbell. The devil loves cowbell. Please rock responsibly.

+ Listen to Anarbor's "Whiskey In Hell."