New Video: Drake, 'Practice'

Ain't nothin' wrong with a little bump 'n' grind, even when it's... solo? That seems to be the message of Drake's new video for his Take Care single "Practice," which is all about self-enjoyment, even if it's more, y'know, "Dancing On My Own" than "Oops (Oh My)," if you catch our drift.

The new clip, which must have been shot on a shoestring (G-string?) budget, features video vixen Kyra Chaos, who, as MTV RapFix noted, is known for her extraordinarily plump derriere; her rear assets were even painted with the face of a tiger in the artwork for 50 Cent's single "Girls Go Wild." It's highlighted in the single long shot of Kyra gyrating, thrusting and popping for the benefit of a webcam. Clad in a knit cap, high-waisted gray jeggings, and a cutout black crop-top exposing her copious décolleté (but that's totally what we wore to Starbucks this morning, so it's like, NBD), Kyra dances provocatively to the sultry beats of Drake's track, which samples Juvenile's "Back That Azz Up," to great effect. "I can tell that you've been practicing," Drizzy purrs over the stripped-down, minimalist beat.

+ Watch Drake's "Practice" video after the jump.

But lest you think poor Kyra was getting lonely there with her lovely lady lumps, near the end of the video she receives a surprise gentleman visitor. OMG, it's Drake, you guys! The two collapse into a passionate embrace, and indeed, it's a good thing that she was practicing -- since, as our piano teacher always told us, practice makes perfect! Admittedly, when we stopped practicing, all of our nimble-fingered skills disappeared, whereas Kyra's talents (gluteus maximus, pillowy pout, swiveling hips) probably aren't going anywhere anytime soon.

+ Watch Drake's video for "Practice." (NSFW-ish)