New Video: Coldplay, 'Charlie Brown'

When we think Coldplay videos, we think melodramatic slow-motion visuals (see: "Fix You") that ache with so much emotion you want to rethink every decision you've ever made in your life. But their latest, "Charlie Brown," ditches sad, philosophical dramatics for a crazy night out at a glow-in-the-dark club.

The infamous "Peanuts" character that shares the song's name doesn't make an appearance, but instead we get clips of a young couple on a mission to find each other. Quick glimpses offer the pair racing through the city to meet while montages of the band rocking out in full rave attire -- glow paint, glow sticks and glowing instruments -- are interspersed between the suspenseful narrative. Later, the couple whoops it up while recklessly speeding in a car, and that's when we learn why they were in such a rush: They're running late to the band's concert, duh. No one wants to be tardy for a Coldplay party.

+ See Coldplay's "Charlie Brown" video after the jump.

Let's hope this is the kind of fun Coldplay plans to brings to the stage (with Rihanna!) for their Grammys performance on Feb. 12 -- BRB, stocking up on some black lights right now.

+ Watch Coldplay's "Charlie Brown" video.