Star Spotting: Newly Blonde Rihanna's Night At The Roxbury

Rihanna leaving the Roxbury in Hollywood, CA.

My mind is spinning right now knowing that Rihanna (newly blonde and looking like the hottest babe on the block) was at the Roxbury in Hollywood last night. The only thing I know about the Roxbury, like many of my fellow millennials, is that's the place they based that movie "A Night At The Roxbury" on. PLEASE tell me Ri was up in da club bobbing her head like Will Ferrell. Also, send a video.

Rihanna looked like she had a great night out, judging by what I like to call "post-dance hair" -- when the DJ's playing jam after jam, and the next thing you know, you're wiping off your lower back sweat in the bathroom stall with the roll of toilet paper you found on the ground. (TMI?) Also, big ups to Ri for constantly keeping the fashion game on lock. Good to know that black leather thigh-high boots paired with cutoff shorts and an Oopma Loompa-inspired sweater is "a thing" now. This opens up so many new possibilities.

Photo credit: Splash News