Video Premiere: Mika Newton, 'Don't Dumb Me Down'

Watch Mika Newton's new video 'Don't Dumb Me Down.'

Just because Ukranian pop singer Mika Newton might look like a pretty young thing doesn't mean you can treat her like one. In her new video "Don't Dumb Me Down," Mika plays the part of a stereotypical blonde -- dancing in sync with girlfriends, thinking about boys in her bedroom and missing easy questions on a satirical game show, "Dumb Or Not Dumb."

"Pink bubblegum, forever young/This isn't my idea of fun," Mika warns in an impressively low octave. Her theatrical delivery combined with the flirty hair twirls send a mixed message, and we're thinking that's exactly the way Mika wants it. She's representing all the made-up girls out there: "Don't judge me on the amount of money I spend each month to pay someone to dip my hair in peroxide." Preach it, sister.

+ Watch Mika's "Don't Dumb Me Down" video after the jump.

Mika, who's already a huge star in the Ukraine, is coming at the American pop game with the big guns blazing -- she's working with music producer and "American Idol" judge Randy Jackson on her first U.S. album, and songwriters Rune Westburg (Adam Lambert, Daughtry) and BC Jean (Beyoncé) helped pen "Don't Dumb Me Down." Look for the single on iTunes, out Feb. 21.

+ Watch Mika Newton's "Don't Dumb Me Down" video.

Photo credit: Mika Newton