Star Spotting: Justin Bieber Excels At Everything, Even Skateboarding

Credit: Splash News

Justin Bieber's like, the ULTIMATE Renaissance man. He can sing, dance, save lives with his Twitter account, and now he's proving his skateboarding skills. It's official: Bro's perfect.

The "Somebody To Love" singer was snapped shooting us the deuces (or hinting at how many more millions of things he's good at) while taking a skateboarding break from his studio time in Miami. He's been working hard on his new Believe album and even tweeted an update along with some fan devotion: "In the studio writing for #17MILLIONSTRONG !!! #BELIEVE #MUCHLOVE." So wait, not only is he crazy talented, but he's super nice, too? Dude, save some for the rest of us.

Is there anything Justin can't do? Oh, yeah -- vote! Well, at least not until he turns 18 on March 1. After that, we're all screwed. Once this kid's legal, it's going to be absolutely impossible to keep up.