Gucci Mane, Here Is A 5-Foot Sculpture Of Your Ice Cream Cone Tattoo! (PHOTOS)

Credt: Billboard

Sorry, Henry Ford, but I just found myself a new American hero. Tré Reising, a first-year graduate student at Michigan's Cranbrook Academy of Art, has constructed a 5-foot replica of Gucci Mane's ice cream cone tattoo made from hemp and dyed burlap. And it's honestly the coolest effing thing I've ever seen.

"My current focus is taking pop culture rap references and using design rules to create pop art objects," Tré said about his inspiration to create the piece. He continued: "I made the sculpture because 1.) I'm infatuated with the man, and 2.) his tattoo is actually pretty awesome, and no one could pull it off like he does." Umm, agreed. Why else do you think I reference it approximately 15 times a day?

The best part about all of this (besides ALL OF THIS)? Tré wants Gucci himself to buy it: "I know it sounds crazy but I'd like to sell it to [him]... Gucci Mane, rolling onto Cranbrook's campus to buy a sculpture... I mean, I would give it to him... if he wants to miss out on all the swag points he would get from buying it."

Gucci, are you listening? YOU NEED TO BUY THIS THING! Or I need to come up with some fat stacks and buy it for myself. (Or just use my "Face Card," like Gucci suggests.)

+ See more photos of Tré's Gucci Mane ice cream cone tattoo sculpture after the jump!

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