POSTED: Tech N9ne Shares Musical Influences, Takes Us Inside His Record Company HQ

Rapper Tech N9ne may be focusing on performing 90 shows in 90 days, but he'll also be busy as MTV's POSTED artist for February. We celebrate the Kansas City native by following his career through exclusive interviews and plan on showing crazy love for the "Am I A Psycho?" singer all month long.

First up, a video interview offers insight on Tech's early musical inspirations: "My family was really diverse in music. I was in the music of the church... My uncles were into rock and roll. I had rap. I had everything. I think my music reflects all of that." He also idolized rapper Ice Cube but admits how challenging it was to remain true to himself in the industry. "It's been rough, but I don't care. I always had to be me..."

In the next clip, Tech N9ne offers a tour through his Strange Music record label's plush headquarters. We catch glimpses of a $50,000 entrance gate (NBD), the merch warehouse, the label's archives and even their social media staff. Lesson learned: If you work hard, you, too, can have your very own full-time crew dedicated to tweeting.

Catch more Tech N9ne videos at MTV POSTED all month long.

+ Watch Tech N9ne discuss his early musical influences below, and check out more videos after the jump.