Star Spotting: Taylor Swift Might Only Be 99 Percent Perfect

Credit: Pacific Coast News

Guys. We might have found the tiniest thing not completely perfect about Taylor Swift -- she needs coffee just like the rest of us! I seriously thought the "Sparks Fly" singer hops out of bed every day in the cheeriest mood as cartoon bluebirds comb her hair while she picks which sparkly dress she's going to wear. But I might be wrong! (That rarely happens, BTW.)

T. Swift was spotted hitting up a Starbucks recently while listening to some tunes, and that means there was probably coffee in that cup she's carrying. Sure, it could be hot water with lemon or some other non-fun thing to drink in the morning, but I really hope it's a triple espresso. So what if she's not going to be in the big-screen adaptation of "Les Misérables" -- she has caffeine. There is nothing better.