Video Premiere: Marianas Trench, 'Fallout'

Canadian pop-punkers (and this week's MTV Push Artist) Marianas Trench warned us that the music videos they release from their third studio album Ever After are going to tell fans one long, continuous story. But they didn't mentioned they'd be dropping some Michael Bay s--- on us! The foursome's latest video, "Fallout," explores the treacherous minefield that is a crumbling relationship. No, seriously -- there are explosions.

Lead singer Josh Ramsay was on-and-off with his super pretty music video girlfriend in their last video "Haven't Had Enough," and "Fallout" picks up where they left off -- permanently off. "Fallout" opens with Josh and his girlfriend under a cloudy sky in a vacant field as he begs her to try to make their relationship work -- cut to flashback sequences of the better times (slo-mo makeouts!) and the not-so-better times (heated arguments and icy stares). The band plays through the wreckage as they narrate the breakup: "Don't tell me to fight/To fight for you/After this long, I shouldn't have to/I know you're fine, but what do I do?" (May we suggest "GTFO of that minefield"?)

The end of the video reveals that there's a new guy in Josh's ex-gal's life, and she is not even sorry about it one bit. Then she pulls a total Diane Court move and hands Josh this bogus key necklace! ("I gave her my heart, she gave me a pen.") Might that be a key element in the band's next video?

+ Watch Marianas Trench's "Fallout" video.

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