New Video: The Darkness, 'Nothing's Gonna Stop Us'

2012's been a good year for animated videos: First we got Santogold's surreal Gaga diss, and now The Darkness -- our favorite '70s-style stadium rockers -- are back with "Nothing's Gonna Stop Us." The new video finds sketchy versions of the band romping around an ADD dreamworld full of pink flamingos and nuclear speakers. At one point, the guitarist's arms and legs become guitars! Can a cartoon band rock too hard? Watch your backs, Jem and the Holograms.

Back in real life, the video features the Darkness' No. 1 fan, a precocious elementary schooler (who has the coolest rock-and-roll sunglasses we've ever seen). The song's another scorcher, full of driving riffs and a falsetto chorus that impressively stays slightly less silly than Twisted Sister's inspirational "We're Not Gonna Take It." The animation comes courtesy of rock artist Thom Lessner, who's designed shirts and more for Hall & Oates and the Paul Green School of Rock. We want to enroll! As long as "Nothing's Gonna Stop Us" can be our homework.

The Darkness hopes to have a comeback album out this year, its first since 2005's One Way Ticket to Hell... And Back. Get home in one piece, boys.

+ Watch The Darkness' "Nothing's Gonna Stop Us" video.