The Buzz On: Tonight Alive

Punk rock could always use more girl power. The latest lady to step up to the plate is Jenna McDougall, frontwoman of Australian rockers Tonight Alive. The 19-year-old platinum blonde has a Hayley Williams-size voice and a style all her own -- she rocks leopard print like a boss in the band's "Wasting Away" video. The four-piece band is equally fierce, bringing a full-frontal assault of intricate drumming, thunderous low end and spiky guitar melodies that should make Paramore fans giddy. (Evidence: us, right now, jumping around the room and terrifying the cat.)

The band made its name Down Under with a pair of hard-hitting EPs, All Shapes And Disguises and Consider This, which earned attention overseas from Blink-182's Mark Hoppus and producer Mark Trombino. The results? Hoppus laid down guest vocals on the band's track "Thankyou & Goodnight" and Trombino (Blink-182, Jimmy Eat World) gave his legendary pop-punk expertise to the band's new album, What Are You Scared Of? during two months of L.A. sessions.

We'd say they're more than ready for their U.S. debut: Tonight Alive already killed it at last year's Bamboozle Festival and will be heading out on a national tour this spring, including a stop at cred-making Austin festival SXSW. What Are You Scared Of? drops on Feb. 14, and we can't imagine a better band to kiss off those Valentine's Day blues with -- or to make out to on the way to that romantic dinner.

+ Listen To Tonight Alive.