Star Spotting: Hayley Williams, You're Still In The Running For America's Next Top Adorable Lead Singer

Credit: @paramore

I've never been shy about my love for Hayley Williams. The Paramore frontgirl is bold and opinionated and FREAKING ADORABLE. She also has red hair, and as a fellow redhead, I feel like we're cosmic BFFs. She just doesn't know it yet. (Not creepy at all, right?)

Paramore posted this photo of the band WILDIN' OUT at a bowling alley to Twitter recently, and I think we need to talk about about attractive this band is. It's not only Hayley, guys -- bassist Jeremy Davis and guitarist Taylor York are also a couple of Baberham Lincolns. That alone would already make Paramore popular enough to listen to, but the fact that they actually make good music is just too much. I thought being talented and good-looking were mutually exclusive? Maybe that's just in non-famous land.

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