PHOTOS: The Best Of Lana Del Rey

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If you take the apex of the internet and the zenith of fame and mash them together into one pretty singer-songwriter, you'd probably construct someone resembling Lana Del Rey. She's one of the most polarizing names in music at the moment, which is kind of funny to us because we recently interviewed her and she was sugar-sweet and super down-to-earth. (The girl still babysits!)

But don't get us wrong -- we get it. Her self-made videos "Blue Jeans" and "Video Games" have been all the way around the internet and back again, garnering more than 30 million views between them. Lana's nostalgic aesthetic combined with her hip-hop-inspired lyrics automatically render her someone to watch -- an MTV Artist To Watch in 2012, if you want to get specific. Also, there was that whole "Saturday Night Live" thing.

Today marks the release of Lana's debut album, Born To Die, and the last time I can remember being this excited to buy something was in 1996 when Tickle Me Elmo came out -- wait, JK, I was a sophisticated young adult who was not at all interested in a laughing stuffed animal. To help celebrate Lana's much-awaited EP, take a look through Buzzworthy's THE BEST OF LANA DEL REY PHOTO GALLERY to get a sense of Lana's style and swag, and wonder with us how she's manages doing anything with those nails.

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Lana once called herself the "gangsta Nancy Sinatra," and it's easy to see why. Her '60s-esque style says "free love" while her songs assert something else. For example, "Born 2 Die" offers this friendly warning: "Choose your last words/This is the last time/Cause you and I, we were born to die." That's some Bone Thugs ish.

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This French fan was REALLY excited to meet Lana outside of her hotel in Paris in 2011. We think she's taking the whole "Hollywood sadcore" thing a little too far. Turn that frown upside down, sister!

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