Listen To Harriet's 'I Slept With All Your Mothers'

For a band that's just getting started, Harriet gets around. "I slept with all your mothers," Alex Casnoff #humblebrags in the quartet's debut single, a track that sounds custom-made for an awkward "How I Met Your Mother" montage. Casnoff's been on the move, too -- he previously manned the keys in L.A. roots-rockers Dawes and the groovier PAPA. (What a hussy.) The new track offers a little bit of both bands' sounds, showcasing Casnoff's gritty, flame-broiled vocals over a piano's elegant bounce, with a fuzzy synthesizer and a distant pedal steel guitar marrying indie and country influences in the chorus.

And as for that chorus: The MILFs might be an exaggeration. "It's a song about the feelings that come with a breakup… anger, guilt, nostalgia," Casnoff told Paste. So, uh, not about Stifler's mom? (How many "all your mothers" can you sleep with? Two or three, tops, right?) Eventually, his age-appropriate romantic feelings come forward: "I slept in bed with you," Casnoff continues, before apologizing for that time he ran out of gas in the desert. Just call AAA, bro! Though at that point, that the whole mom thing's probably a deal breaker.

Harriet's Tell The Right Story EP is out for free today. Grab an extra copy for your folks.

I Slept With All Your Mothers by HarrietMusic