Star Spotting: Jennifer Lopez Is Still Rocking That J. Lo Swag

Credit: Pacific Coast News

A lot of rappers these days are always talking about swag and swaggin' out and swagu (I'm talking to you, Kanye), but I think it's about time we all give a little credit where credit is due -- Jennifer Lopez is basically the original queen of swag. Um, hello, do the words "42nd Annual Grammy Awards" mean anything to you? I'm talking about that green Versace number. J. Lo rolled up in that award show with her then-boyfriend Puff Daddy at the time like, "Yes, this dress is cut well below my sternum, and the only thing separating you from my chest are two small pieces of double-sided tape... AND WHAT?"

Jenny From The Block reminded us of her OG swag at her appearance on the "Today Show" yesterday. The "Do It Well" singer sported her best all-white everything, perhaps as part of her preparation for her possible upcoming movie role as a drug "godmother" in the film "Cocaine Cowboys." Because nothing says, "I might be involved in illegal activity" the way a white mink coat does. (NOT suggesting that J. Lo sells drugs, guys! I mean for the role, duh.)