Video Premiere: Anthony Green, 'Get Yours While You Can'

Dance moves. That's what you'll see in Anthony Green's "Get Yours While You Can" video, which showcases some dozen colorfully dressed people -- a karate kid, a break-dancer, a mime and b-girls in American Apparel, among others -- busting moves in odd places. Oh, and over a dead body. Totally normal, totally not scary and weird. Happens in that alley by the office all the time.

"Get Yours While You Can" manages to avoid the morgue, though it picks up goofy "Scott Pilgrim" vibes instead: The karate master punches a woman into ribbons, and a pair of pillow fighters pop, too. Get yours while you can, you guys, or people will dance on top of you and you might explode into feathers.

As booty-shaking music, "Get Yours While You Can" is an especially dance-y track from the Circa Survive singer: The solo single sounds like an emo "Been Caught Stealing." (PERRY FARRELL 4EVA.) Green squeals and sneers his way through the track, as the drummer keeps up a rhythmic attack with more bounce than a Djokovic forehand. "Let those candles burn/till the break of dawn," Green sings. You heard the man: till the break. Of. Dawn! Anthony Green got back! Also, a corpse. We guess that's how punks get down.

Green's Beautiful Things, his latest solo set, is out now on Photo Finish Records.

+ Watch Anthony Green's "Get Yours While You Can" video.

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