Lana Del Rey's Least Favorite Video Game? 'World Of Warcraft'

Late last year, despite the fact that she was preparing her major-label debut, Born To Die (out this week), MTV Artist To Watch Lana Del Rey was anointed unimpeachable Queen of the Internet -- and she's currently taking on the modeling world, and the late-night TV scene. Plus, by this point next week, your mom will probably know who you mean if you just say "Lana," based on her supernaturally popular breakthrough viral hit "Video Games." And, unsurprisingly, Lana Del Rey has opinions about actual video games. (Which is good because I'm basically the type of person who considers CatPaint a video game, making me absolutely no authority whatsoever on the topic.)

Bad news, "World Of Warcrafters." WOW is Lana Del Rey's absolutely least favorite game. "It consumes every man in my life's life," the bluesy post-modern chanteuse told me during her recent visit to MTV (the same one where she revealed that despite being Lana Del Rey, she still babysits). Which absolutely makes sense if you believe that "Video Games" is about the type of guy who drowns out the sound of your seductive entreaties with the sound of electronic AK-47 gunfire. (Been there, lady.) The only video game Lana Del Rey knows how to play? "Mario Kart." BRB. Pitching my "Celebrity Video Gamers" TV show idea to our series development department.

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