New Song: Karmin, 'Broken Hearted'

Karmin's new single may be the sunniest song to ever bear a title like "Broken Hearted," but what else would you expect from the eternally chipper swag-pop duo? Frontgirl Amy Heidemann's got one of those Disney-princess-esque dispositions -- you know, the sort of totally sincere sweetness that suggests she probably wakes up each morning to cartoon birds pulling her covers away. But with all due respect, we so can't see Cinderella or any of those other prisses rapping with anything remotely like the super-slick flow that Amy shows off on "Broken Hearted." Nor are they likely prone to "sippin' on that Patron" or classifying their personal style as "business in the front, party in the back," but who knows? Ariel was always kind of a wild card.

The second single off Karmin's upcoming debut album (due out in April), "Broken Hearted" kicks off with a fat, bouncy beat and soulfully sung verse about waiting around for a boy. Throughout the song -- which features no vocal contribution from Nick Noonan, Amy's beau and bandmate -- Amy switches between singing and rapping as it becomes more and more painfully clear that the dude's not gonna show. The most charming bit's when she punctuates the plaintive chorus ("Don't you leave me broken-hearted tonight") with a playful "cheerio," delivered in a fake English accent. Let's bring more British slang into pop songs, shall we, luvs? All right, then. Jolly-good.

BTW, Karmin is set to appear on "Saturday Night Live" on February 11, with Zooey Deschanel as the host. Cute-off, anyone?

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