MTV PUSH Artist Of The Week: Marianas Trench

Not many bands can walk around saying they're "big in Canada" and mean it, but Marianas Trench isn't lying. The Vancouver, British Columbia-based pop-punk band has been making music since 2001, and they have about a bajillion Canadian music awards to show for it. After shopping his solo material around when he was a teenager, lead singer Josh Ramsay eventually hooked up with guitarist Matt Webb, bassist Mike Ayley and drummer Ian Casselman to form Marianas Trench, and it's about time these dudes make their way across the border, eh?

Get to know the MTV PUSH artist of the week with a look through our exclusive video interviews and performances with Marianas Trench. The guys open up about finally getting a hit with their 2006 single "Shake Tramp," the making of their "Fallout" video (or "Fall-oot" as those crazy Canadians like to say), and the concept behind their latest album, Ever After: "The idea with the album was that every song would lead into the next one so the whole album is continuous... I think later when people see all the videos from the album, it's gonna be cool and it'll all line up into one big thing." So, kind of like "Lost," we're guessing.

Marianas Trench's third studio album, Ever After, is out now on 604 Records. The first single, "Haven't Had Enough," was released in June 2011 and quickly shot to the No. 1 spot on iTunes Canada Top of the Charts and Pop Downloads. (I've also personally listened to it more than 100 times, if that means anything to you.)

+ Watch Marianas Trench's live performance of "Haven't Had Enough" below, and check out tons of videos and interviews after the jump.

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