The Hood Internet Mashed Up TLC And Michael McDonald, Created A New Level Of Awesome

Credit: Getty Images

We are so thankful for the Hood Internet. Not only do these dudes make art with real tacos (blasphemy or genius?), but we're way into their mashups. Like, WAY INTO. Our latest obsession: "Some Creeps," which finally brings together two artists who were basically born to collaborate with each other -- TLC and Michael McDonald, of course! Because nothing complements '90s R&B girl groups the way Mikey McD's husky, soulful crooning does.

The Hood Internet brought back one of TLC's mainstays -- the 1994 jam about steppin' out on yo man, "Creep" -- and they mixed it with Holy Ghost's "Some Children," featuring none other than our favorite Doobie Bro, Michael McDonald. And here, where you would ask yourself "Um, why?" ask yourself "Why not?!" The result: a CrazySexyCool party jam that will please both '90s kids and the Doob fans in your social circle. (Get one of those friends if you don't have one already. Expand your horizons.)

+ Listen to Hood Internet's "Some Creeps (TLC X Holy Ghost X Michael McDonald)."