New Video: Kelly Rowland, 'Keep It Between Us'

WARNING: Kelly Rowland's new video "Keep It Between Us" includes some of the most romantic scenarios you could ever imagine. (DO NOT WATCH if you are recently post-breakup!) Intro scenes include a gorgeous montage of classic Paris moments -- swooning over the Eiffel Tower, sauntering down charming cobblestone streets, sipping café in a cafe, and Kelly, lovely as ever, cuddling up with a very good-looking dude in a fancy French hotel room. (Tough day job you got there, Kel.)

Even though the couple is in THE MOST ROMANTIC CITY IN THE WORLD, there seems to be a little trouble in paradise. Most of their time is spent in a lovey-dovey haze, capturing the pair going H.A.M. on some P.D.A. (it's Europe, guys, no one cares there), but occasionally viewers get a peek into an argument. Luckily  the couple's good times outweigh the bad, and they do like Disney taught us -- live happily ever after! Celebrate the moments of your life, guys.

Lesson learned: If a relationship is ever going sour, go to Paris together. Even if you break up, the pain au chocolats are TOTALLY worth it, oui?

+ Watch Kelly Rowland's "Keep It Between Us" video.