Video Premiere: Forever The Sickest Kids, 'Shut The Front Door (Too Young)'

In their latest video, "Shut The Front Door (Too Young)," Forever The Sickest Kids launch an all-out assault on the world of adult responsibility, and the 12-year-old in all of us is screaming "HELL YES." The latest single from the Dallas pop-punk outlet reminds us that even though we adults might be wearing a suit and tie on the outside, it doesn't mean we're not decked in our wildest Garanimals on the inside.

"Shut The Front Door" opens with a young boy waking up groggy, heading to his 9-to-5. He rolls out of bed, shaves his prepubescent face and prepares to waste away inside his cubicle for the next eight hours. Lead singer Jonathan Cook narrates: "My boss got me swearing a lot/And making me pick up the weekend shift/I'm too young for this." All the daily adult nuisances are present -- ditching out on a diner bill, getting taken into custody for said felony and narrowly escaping a jewelry heist. OK, maybe not the usual adult nuisances, but being a grown-up can really feel like the worst day ever sometimes, can't it?

At the end of the video, a bunch of kids rage at a Forever The Sickest Kids show, where shots alternate between the child and adult versions of the same people, stressing the timeless adage that we never really grow up, we just grow old... Unless, of course, we go to punk shows! I'm pretty sure they're natural Botox.

Forever The Sickest Kids will be performing at the Soundwave Festival in Australia Feb. 25 through March 5 before they head to Austin for South By Southwest.

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