Congratulations, Blue Ivy Carter, On Oprah Possibly Being Your Godmother. You Win Everything

Credit: Getty Images

Well first off, I'm really mad at myself that I didn't predict this. OF COURSE Beyoncé and Jay-Z would (allegedly) summon Oprah to be Blue Ivy's godmother -- NOTHING ELSE MAKES SENSE! Second, welcome to the best version of human life you can imagine, kid. Congratulations on being dealt THE BEST HAND IMAGINABLE (if this rumor is true... which we're really, really hoping for).

We already knew Blue Ivy's life was going to be supremely extraordinary considering the fact that she's the first daughter of HOVA and THE Queen B. But now she might have Oprah to turn to for moral and spiritual guidance, which millions of people already do. But like, Blue Ivy will be invited over and stuff.

Besides the fact that she is basically going to be living out one long episode of "Oprah's Favorite Things," we're also really jealous of the fact that when Blue Ivy needs some life coaching, she's going to get some classic Oprah faces staring back at her, IRL:

Oprah at Blue Ivy's kindergarten graduation

Oprah shaking her head at the first boy to break Blue Ivy's heart

Oprah when Blue Ivy is named the youngest EGOT winner

You win everything ever, Blue Ivy. Congrats again!

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