New Video: Florence + The Machine, 'Lover To Lover'

Credit: Getty Images

While the majority of Florence + The Machine's music videos tend to lean toward the theatrical side (remember the drama in "No Light, No Light"?), the powerhouse singer's visual for "Lover To Lover" concentrates less on fancy camera work and more on capturing raw talent delivered during a FLAWLESS performance. (Not that we're biased or anything...)

"Lover To Lover" puts the viewer in an all-access, front row seat at a live Florence + The Machine performance. Melodramatic lighting and thoughtful close-ups of sparkly harps mimic the tone of the song's emotionally charged tale: someone tired of looking for love in all the wrong places (#2close2home). Per usual, Florence belts out the tune like it's the easiest things she's ever done, and even though we don't get a shot of them, we know the audience is floored. (I have yet to see Florence live -- I KNOW -- but I'm guessing I'll look something like this when it finally happens.)

If this filmed version of "Lover To Lover" (their latest single from Ceremonials) just isn't enough, Florence + The Machine recently announced their U.S. spring tour dates. Plenty of time to set your faces to "stunned."

+ Watch Florence + The Machine's "Lover To Lover" video.