New Song: Chris Brown, 'Turn Up The Music'

Let's all hear it for irreversible eardrum damage! In the bangin' first single off his rabidly anticipated new record, Fortune, Chris Brown commands us to crank up the volume -- then repeats that demand over and over and over till we're all like, "Dude, it can't go any higher!" But we kinda get what Breezy's driving at. With its mercilessly pounding jungle beats and super-sick synth, "Turn Up The Music" deserves to be played at maximum decibels.

Written and produced by The Underdogs (the duo brought us Chris's sexed-up "Take You Down") and Fuego,  "Turn Up The Music" is a dizzying, electro-influenced track that's undeniably dance floor-ready. And while the "If you're sexy and you know it, put your hands up in the air" refrain is a fun nod to LMFAO, the real power's in Breezy's relentless calls to action: "Turn up the music, 'cause this song just came on/Turn up the music if they try to turn us down/Turn up the music, can I hear it till the speakers blow?/Turn up the music, fill your cup and drink it down." Occasionally backed by some blissed-out chanting, those party-starting rallying cries nail the music-as-salvation message like only the most powerful of pop idols can.

+ Listen to Chris Brown, "Turn Up The Music."