POSTED: T-Pain's Auto-Tune Rules + New 'World Of Pain' Webisode

They say all good things must come to an end, and unfortunately that also includes celebrating T-Pain as's POSTED artist for January. But don't be sad -- let's fondly reflect on all the insider info we learned about the "Let Me Talk" rapper over the past month, like the time he met Michael Jackson or his craziest early morning moment. Aww, memories. This week, we wrap up our T-palooza with two new videos that promise a proper send-off.

Up first, we have a video of T-Pain discussing Auto-Tune again (he already admitted Eminem should try it), but now he talks when and when not to use the technique in his own work: "People just want to hear the party... I always do [Auto-Tune] to lighten the mood. But when it's a more serious song, you don't want it to sound all fun... the more serious songs get less Auto-Tune." Lesson of the day: no Auto-Tuned versions of "The Star Spangled Banner."

Our next clip's from the rEVOLVEr artist's third episode of "World Of Pain," a behind-the-scenes style documentary that captures T-Pain's intimate backstage moments. There are motorcycles, Segways and more scary clowns! We even get a glimpse of a private freestyle from T before he hits the stage. We're overwhelmed even talking about it, guys.

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+ Watch T-Pain discuss his use of Auto-Tune, and check out more videos after the jump.