We Love Rusko's 'Somebody To Love' Video

Rusko has a message for us: The dubstep DJ wants us to know it's never too late to find love -- at least not on the dance floor. "Somebody To Love" builds itself around a simple, sped-up R&B sample ("Everybody's looking for somebody to luuuu-uhhhve"), with bouncing pianos and skittering percussion that could've come straight off Fatboy Slim's 1998 classic You've Come A Long Way, Baby. But then it hits the drop, casting off the vintage influence and slow-motion bass-thumping its way back into 2012.

Dancing along? A couple of lonely-hearts old folks in the song's video, who find each other through the crowd and confetti, fall head over heels and share a bass-driven kiss. Hot, sorta! (That's it, we're buying Grams tickets to Electric Daisy Carnival.)

Rusko's sophomore album, the creatively titled Songs, is due March 27 on Mad Decent (Diplo's label) and Downtown Recordings. Unless they're much, much cooler than ours, it will be too loud for your grandparents. Tell them about Lana Del Rey instead, maybe? On second thought, then you'll have to explain video games and Hipster Runoff, so, uh, just bring your headphones.

+ Watch Rusko's "Somebody To Love" video.