Video Premiere: Fake Problems, 'Songs For Teenagers'

Fake Problems are on a boat! The alt-rock band's "Songs For Teenagers" video hits the water for some chill, sun-dappled cruising, an activity that has visions of summer (and margaritas) dancing in our brains. (No fair!) The video seems like standard, uh, professionally shot vacation footage until the quartet go for a swim, but we won't spoil the surprise. (OK, we'll tell: There are totally mermaids! They did not bring margaritas.)

The scenery's mellow vibe is broken only by the track's angsty lyrics, which makes sense given the track title. "It's a shame all the ways we build ourselves up/Just to let each other down," frontman Chris Farren sings on the chorus a minute after noting, "Wanted to be famous but ended up nameless." It's not so bad, fellas -- imagine how many paparazzi would be swarming the beach while you're trying to enjoy a nice holiday. There'd be mermaid bikini photos everywhere! Your girlfriends would be jealous! Then they'd comfort themselves with your sweet, sweet guitar parts and catchy hooks.

MTV PUSH band Fake Problems may be staying out of the spotlight, but this song should be on your radar.

+ Watch Fake Problems' "Songs For Teenagers."

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