Video Premiere: Daniela Brooker, 'Forget About Yesterday'

In her new video, "Forget About Yesterday," power-pop songstress Daniela Brooker, who just came off a MAJOR tour with the Saturdays, focuses on the important things in life: partying! Except the British singer expresses the "you only live once" sentiment much more thoughtfully than I just did.

The video opens with 18-year-old Daniela at what looks to be the end of a long workday (I heard that, sister). She looks out over the city as the street lights twinkle, and just like the rest of us on a Friday night, the girl just wants to dance: "Live your life/Get your boys and girls and take the night/'Cause now's the time to feel the air/And let the music take you, let the music take you, let the music take you..." Cue the club scene: Hands are in the air, sequins are a-shinin', and yesterday is successfully being forgotten.

"Forget About Yesterday" kind of sounds like if Selena Gomez, Christina Aguilera and Shakira got together to DJ a 21st-birthday party -- in other words, it's our jam! And we're more than willing to be one of those boys or girls you call up to go rage, Daniela. Just FYI.

+ Watch Daniela Brooker's "Forget About Yesterday" video.