An Open Letter To SWV Regarding Their New Single, 'Co-Sign'

Dear SWV,

Since your ICONIC, GROUNDBREAKING and TRIPLE PLATINUM It's About Time was the first compact disc I purchased (via my dad's Columbia House CD club subscription), I was basically SHAKING and CRYING when I discovered the original Sisters With Voices were back with a brand-new song, "Co-Sign." I even stopped listening to my SWV Greatest Hits album long enough to give it a spin. (Think I'm playin', y'all. THINK I'M PLAYIN'.)

First of all, THANK YOU, Taj, Lelee and Coko, for releasing new music! You guys are back in full effect on "Co-Sign," and I'm not mad at it one bit. But while your classic harmonies and cool, down-tempo beats are there, I'm not quite sure "Co-Sign" is going to be the track that really launches you girls back into the spotlight where you belong. Y'all can saaaaang, as your multiple award nominations will prove (AMAs, Billboards and Grammys among them). But "Co-Sign" feels like it might be missing a bit of that typical SWV flavor that hits like "I'm So Into You" and "Downtown" nailed.

I know it's not 1992 anymore (my hair being the most thankful for that fact), but there's still room for that classic new jack swing sound you ladies practically perfected with your debut single, "Right Here." SWV make songs that elicit that uncontrollable, knee-jerk "AWWWW, S***, this is my JAM!" reaction, and I'm hoping the rest of your new album, I Missed Us (due out in April), makes me "Weak."


Nicole (also sometimes called "Coko") James

+ Listen to SWV's "Co-Sign."