10 Things To Know Now: Ke$ha's In The Studio, Get Katy Perry's Lashes + Justin Bieber Saves Lives!

Credit: Getty Images

1.) When Common RSVPs, he's all about the BYOBB: Bring Your Own Beyoncé Beat. The rapper recently freestyled over Bey's "Party" jam for a fan while at Sundance. (Rap Up)

2.) Leona Lewis fans won't be "Happy" to learn that the gorgeous British singer is pushing her new Glassheart album release all the way to November. (That Grape Juice)

3.) Ever make a wish on an eyelash to get Katy Perry-like eyelashes? Well, now you can have 'em -- meta! (MTV Style)

4.) Justin Bieber's Twitter power was put to good use when he retweeted support for organ donation in Canada. Now he can add lifesaver to the list of a gazillion things he's succeeded at while under the age of 18. (Hollywood Reporter)

5.) Speaking of Twitter, Ke$ha's been in the studio with The Flaming Lips' Wayne Coyne, and the duo have been documenting the experience online for fans. Recent tweets even include the glitter lover dropping vocals on a new track. (Spin magazine)

6.) Drake's "Degrassi" days may be over, but his acting career isn't. The Take Care rapper wants to get back to his thespian roots. (TheFABlife)

7.) In lieu of Seal and Heidi Klum's recent divorce announcement, we can't help but remind you of this... special moment the two shared during their duet at a Victoria's Secret fashion show in 2007. (HuffPo)

8.) Shake your bon bon (props for a Ricky Martin reference?) to this awesome Bon Jovi/Bon Iver mashup. (BuzzFeed)

9.) Don't get jealous worry, guys, Beyoncé's body is already getting back into tip-top shape just after giving birth to Blue Ivy. It's official: She can't be human. (MTV News)

10.) One of the coolest girls in the world, Selena Gomez, will play a geeky teen named Lennie in a new movie, "The Sky Is Everywhere." Our minds can't even begin to process "geek" and "Selena" in the same sentence. (MTV News)