Rihanna Gets 'Thug Life' TATTOOED ON HER HANDS! (PHOTO)

Credit: @Rihanna

While all tattoos make a statement, there are certain places where people get inked that really shout, "I'M VERY SERIOUS ABOUT THIS THING I JUST TATTOOED INTO MY SKIN FOREVER." Exhibit A: Gucci Mane's ice cream cone ON HIS FACE. Exhibit B: Rihanna's new "THUG LIFE" tattoo that may or may not have a permanent home ACROSS HER FINGERS.

Tattoo enthusiasts (or anyone with eyes) might remember Tupac's famous "THUG LIFE" tattoo emblazoned across the rapper's stomach. Lesson of the day: "THUG LIFE" might not mean what you think it means -- as Tupac once explained, the letters translate to "The Hate You (U) Gave Little Infants F***s Everybody." In other words, when children are mistreated, it affects society as a whole when those infants become adults. You learn something new every day, guys.

Rihanna tweeted along with this photo, "All these b****es screaming that 2pac back