Video Premiere: Plug In Stereo, 'Oh Darling'

"I bet I'm not No. 1 on your list to kiss," Trevor Dahl sings on "Oh Darling," and he may be right -- Ryan Gosling's still out there, after all. (Worst Oscar snub ever? For "Drive"? For any movie he's ever been in?) But our man-crush aside, the Plug In Stereo frontman finds the right girl in Cady Groves, who joins him as his "Oh Darling" duet partner in the new video.

The split-screen video keeps the singers apart, as they shop for records, drink fancy coffee and generally get comfortably adorable while singing the sweet song. After all, Dahl has to get up the courage to lay down his feelings: "Just take a chance, try to hold my hand/I swear I'd never let go," Groves sings, but Dahl can't quite do it: "I really want to," he blushes. Comb those curls and get out there, dude! But the pair doesn't meet by the song's end: Will they get together? We don't know, but listening on loop may help.

This is actually Plug In Stereo's second video for the song: Dahl originally made a stop-motion solo version (in which he talks to a girl!), but we're digging the team effort.

+ Watch Plug In Stereo's "Oh Darling" video.